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A team of professionals with multifaced experience both in Greece and abroad with closings more than 100m. euros value of Real Estate and more than 100.000 sqm. of leased spaces, we have a holistic approach to the real estate market, ensuring optimum deals for all parties involved. Providing a wide range of real estate services such as property appraisals, real estate consulting on property sales and acquisitions, as well as luxury vacation rentals.



Whatever the need, buying or selling, residential or commercial, we will help you specify your needs and then dig into our vast database to identify the candidacies that will best satisfy them. We will be next to you to discuss, reassess and then propose anew to ensure the final transaction is the perfect match for your needs.


We will take over your property and manage it as if it were ours. Maintenance, marketing, rental, utilities management, everything a property needs to be up to date and to the maximum of its potential while ensuring both the owner and the tenant are equally satisfied.


Your property is precious and as such it must be valued at the price that reflects its reality. Market analysis, property location and condition will be placed under our microscope to ensure the property is placed in the market in the appropriate price.

Advisory - Consultancy

Entering a real estate market as an investor is a process that requires expert knowledge. The CCRE Group professionals are the ones that will guide you through the market specifics, the points of concern, the opportunities to be considered and the strategy to follow to ensure a profitable investment.

Project Management

Experience in the real estate market means knowing where the investment opportunity is, being able to visualize on behalf of the client, having the knowhow to deal with the logistics of the investment and ensuring that your project is in capable hands from the start to its full operation with the highest returns from your investment.

Vacation Rentals

Having access to luxury vacation properties in Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and South Africa we are equipped to offer you a variety of options to envision your next amazing holiday!

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A valued player in the real estate market, CCRE Group has the means and the knowhow to provide targeted real estate services.